Importance of Etiquettes – Why, What and How of Etiquettes

Handsomeness of a person is because of Adab/Etiquette not because of beautiful clothes.

Orphaned person is one who lacks Etiquette.


A person who devalues Adab/Etiquettes slowly will be deprived of Sunnah.
A person deprived of Sunnah will slowly be deprived of Faraiz.


Abdullah Ibn Mubarak RAH-
Adab/Etiquettes should be like flour and Action/Amal should be like salt in flour.
Meaning Action which are decorated with Adab/Etiquettes are loved by Allah.


Etiquette of Parents, Masjid, Pen, Education, Teachers.
Deen is name of Etiquettes.

Imam Shafayee RAH said he used to turn page of book slowly so he did not disturb his teacher.

Imam Abu Hanifah RAH used to make dua Magfirat for his parents, teachers every day.

Imam Ahmed Ibn Hambal RAH for 30 years prayed every night for his teacher Imam Shafiyee without fail.

Adab and Akhlaq : The scholars used to travel to attend Majlis of Imam Ahmed Ibn Hambal RAH primarily for learning Adab and Akhlaq.
Adab and Akhlaq can’t be learnt from books.

Only way to teach Adab to children is show them by example.