Etiquettes of Social Life – Taaziyyat – How to give Condolence/Comfort

13:00 Saad Ibn Ubadah RA visited by PBUH.
16:00 Hazrath Musa Ashari RA: Last moments.

18:00 PBUH giving Taaziyat on the death of his grand son RA.( son of Zainab RA).

22:00 Baitul Hamd:

22:30 Haq e Mayyat: Pray 2 rakat Nafl Saleh.

23:00 Death on Iman is unmatched.
25:00 Hazrath Bilal RA.

26:00 PBUH reformed thought process.

30:00 Rule of Comfort.
Generally Do not ask for cause of death of marhoom.
If informed listen but do not ask.

34 Sending cooked food to family members or taking food and serving to family members.
(This is not party time).

36 Related to death of father of Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA.
Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA pain was made lighter when he was told by Taaziyat giver that his father is in a better place.

38 On occasion of death of Hazrath Abdullah durng Jang E Uhud.
Son Hazrat Jaabir RA was very sad on his father’s death.

41 A pious muslim is worried about sin rather than about his death. Death is destiny.

43 Look at good deeds of people who passed away.

45 Related to Mayyat. Dua E Maghfirat and Isal E Sawaab.
Defination of Isal-E-Sawaab: Action is done by someone else but reward is for Marhoom.
e.g. build masjid, build well.